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Description of the school

Private Primary School Kornelówka is exceptionally the educational institution friendly to the child in which the perfect atmosphere is ruling for getting to know the world of science and developing its interests.

Cosy character of the school causes that our pupils are feeling safe in it very much, and every pupil constitutes the personality, above which the team of teachers experienced and very well prepared to the work with children is working.

School classes

The work with pupils is organized in little (at the most 15 personal) groups. Pupils have the extended program from the English (5 hours a week), additional classes in Maths and Polish. Special interests clubs and a school wheel work Caritas are acting very dynamically. Fourth class pupils are beginning to learn an additional foreign language in the dimension of 2 hours a week.

From the September of 2009 Kornelówka is beginning the cooperation with a dancing group "7 coma 7". We are implementing the learning of the dance and dance extra classes.

Children's University of the Health - conducted by The College of Health Education in ŁódŸ it is a new idea for widening the knowledge of pupils in the scope of a healthy lifestyle.

Since September for pupils of our school one hour of the swimming pool is also predicted every week with the learning of swimming, at the centre "Wodny Raj".

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