Creative workshops led in English, by trainees, volunteers, students from foreign countries - this how we can briefly characterize the new initiative, with which members of the international student organization AIESEC has left.

Project INSPIRATOR was created with the thought about the youngest students. This project is directed at primary schools and community centres. Through the learning of generating original ideas and searching for diverse answers, it enables the development of children’s creative potential.

The main purpose is to stimulate imagination and show limitless abilities, but also to widen the cross-cultural knowledge. An international community is what distinguishes projects organised by AIESEC from numerous educational-developmental initiatives.

Planned Initiator workshops are being constructed by young, energetic trainees, volunteers from Japan, Brazil, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Indonesia.

From 14th to 18th February, in Kornelówka, we hosted students from Brazil and Indonesia. From 14th to 18th March there is a possibility of classes with students from Japan and Kazachstan.

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